Townhouse vs. Apartment – Which Should I Buy? 

If you’re wanting your new home or investment property to be easily maintained, central, and relatively affordable for a new build, you may be considering a townhouse or apartment. But what are the major differences between the two and how do I weigh these against each other to make an educated decision? In this article we’ll go through the pros and cons of owning a townhouse or apartment and how to align this purchase with your future goals – whatever they may be!

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How to Earn a Passive Income

In today's fast-paced, hard-working world, the concept of passive income and how to obtain it is becoming increasingly popular. Who wouldn't want to earn money while sleeping, traveling, or spending time with loved ones? Passive income streams offer a way to build wealth without constantly trading time for money. For those of you who are thinking – “why don’t I just manage this property myself? It’ll save me money as opposed to working with a property manager, and it sounds relatively straightforward” approach with caution - there can be many hidden risks that you’ll uncover along the way, which may cost you thousands.

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Get Yourself Sorted Series: How to prepare your finances for a recession

If you're thinking that we're heading into a deeper recession you may be right. Like most New Zealanders looking to the future, you might wondering, how can I prepare my finances so that the financial blow is more of a light graze? We share five ways for you to prepare your finances for a recession so that you can have peace of mind when the next one strikes our economy.

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What is split banking

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What is split banking? When it comes to building wealth with property investment to reach mortgage and financial freedom, control over your financial situation is key. The problem is when you get money from the bank to buy your rental property, they have a certain amount of decision-making power over your money.

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