Meet the Team

Our mission is to transform generations New Zealand families with financial education and advice.

We are an award-winning team of financial advisers and coaches who journey with our clients to give them and their families a secure financial future.

We’re not a bunch of lone rangers. Our team environment means everyone has the support they need to grow. 

Our Team

Jeff Elias

Founder, Mortgage Adviser & Coach

Winner of the 2016 Professional Advisers Association New Adviser of the Year, Jeff worked previously as a mortgage debt reduction specialist and has an intimate knowledge of mortgages. He likes to look for creative solutions where required and enjoys showing people how to structure and pay their mortgage off quickly. Jeff loves working with and spending time with his wife, Jacque, and is a father of five. He also enjoys tennis and walking his dog, Chase.

Jacque Elias

Director, CEO & Coach

Jacque’s personal mission is to bring hope to families. Whether it was through her previous careers in speech therapy and children’s ministry or in her current role as CEO, the wellbeing of families is where her heart is. Through her own financial literacy journey, she has managed the finances of businesses she has owned as well as transforming her personal finances from desperate to thriving. She enjoys spending time with her husband and four bonus children and has been known to sing and dance a bit too.

Faith Holm

Mortgage Adviser

Throughout Faith’s career she has always strived to exceed clients’ expectations.  She has a wealth of knowledge that she gained from working for several years at a major bank as a Business Banking Manager. Faith is an expert in residential, property development and commercial lending. She finds it exciting to play a part in helping her clients fulfil their home ownership dreams.  In her free time, when the Wellington weather is nice, she enjoys going for nature walks, fishing and hanging out at church.

Michelle Domenghini

Service Delivery and Operations Lead

Anya Skelton-Semeri

Financial Coach & Educator

Mae Alampay

Administrative Assistant

Andrew Wilson

Sales Representative

Charily Tan

Social Media Marketing Assistant

Jeuel Sumalpong

Executive Assistant

Hannah Desiree Baldelovar

Mortgage Lending Specialist

Ashley Reid

Office Assistant

Mark Leogee Larenio

Booking Assistant

Inderpal Sran

Mortgage Adviser

Carmela Mamitag

Administrative Assistant

Lheanne Alvarez

Powerful People & Finance Coordinator

Rosh McMahon

Sales Representative

Kate Daitano

Client Support Specialist & Booking Assistant

Kate is a dedicated client support specialist known for her unwavering work ethic and passionate commitment to helping people resolve their concerns. Beyond the professional realm, Kate finds joy in her own time by immersing herself in the world of sports, anime, and K-pop. A connoisseur of diverse experiences, she delights in café hopping, exploring new destinations through travel, and reveling in the beauty of various musical genres. Kate’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and her adventurous spirit make her a true explorer in both her personal and professional life.

Luke Libby

Marketing Assistant

Is a dynamic force in the realm of digital marketing with a flair for creativity. Beyond his prowess in digital marketing, Luke is a versatile artist with a multitude of talents. With a keen eye for design, he seamlessly integrates graphic design, video editing, and photography into his repertoire, crafting visually stunning content that captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression. But the creativity doesn’t stop there. In his spare time, you can find him indulging in his passion for drawing, sketching intricate designs that reflect his boundless imagination.