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We believe the path to financial freedom should not be hidden. How about you? Our mission is to transform generations New Zealand families with financial education and advice.

If this resonates with you, keep reading! Discover our values, what it’s like to work at Futurebound and what we’re looking for in future team members. 

Our Values

What's it like to work at Futurebound?

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Meet Our Founder

Jeff’s Why: To level the playing field so we all have a chance to succeed

As far back as he can remember, Jeff has tried to make the unfair fair and look after the vulnerable when he sees them being disadvantaged or picked on.

Multiple times at school when other boys were being bullied, and he would stand in the middle and protect the boys and seek justice in the situation.

Though these events were in primary school and at college, he’s still protecting the vulnerable today. As a financial adviser, he loves to give people knowledge and information so they can beat the banks and know how to get ahead financially, much faster than they would have otherwise.

Meet Our CEO

Jacque’s Why: To embolden people so that they can achieve more than they thought they could

As a young child, Jacque lived a sheltered life, so she always felt like an outsider. She remembers vividly sitting with her friends at lunchtime in middle school in the states when one of her friends made a joke referencing a movie. While everyone else laughed, she was stuck with a confused look on her face. Eventually, she decided to laugh along, but she had no clue why they were laughing.

The feeling of being the weird one and not belonging stuck with her until her early 20s. She went on a journey of self-discovery that lead her to a world of self-confidence that she didn’t know existed.

Ever since then, she’s been sharing her confidence with everyone she meets and helping people to find the courage to be themselves – their true selves.


Futurebound genuinely cares about me, the team and our clients. They’re open, honest, transparent. They actively engage in my development career progression, which is one of the reasons that I get up in the morning and ready to go to work. Also, it makes me feel like I’m a partner in the business and not just here to collect a paycheck. 


I would describe the culture at Futurebound as really open minded and supportive. We are always looking to listen and incorporate other people’s ideas and as a business we will often take those on board. We’re looking to learn all the time and it’s a really happy authentic place to work where we strive to get the best for our clients. 



Ready to transform your life and career?

We are always on the lookout for fresh talent in all areas of our business, particularly if you’re a good fit. Please place your expression of interest via our form below and we’ll hold onto your CV and notify you when a role becomes available.

What to expect when you register your interest

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  5. Tests and trials (if applicable)
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