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What is happening in the housing market right now? Is it on its way up? Is it still on a downward trajectory or is it staying the same? And what on earth does this mean for me? In this article we are going to be talking about what's happening right now in the housing market and what Jeff is seeing from his perspective. We’ll also be talking about what opportunities you can be looking forward to, and what you can be doing right now to prepare to make the most of those opportunities.

As New Zealand is likely headed towards a recession, we thought we’d put together three lessons we learned from the 2008 recession to help you get through the next one and ensure that it has the least amount of impact on you and your finances.

In the current New Zealand housing market, it’s difficult not to notice that house prices are the lowest they’ve been in a long time, even though interest rates remain high. Economists predict that the end of the housing downturn may be in sight, and so you may be wondering, is now a good time to buy an investment property or second home in the current market.

When buying a new build, whether for an investment property or your family home, it pays to be cautious. As the housing market cools, it has become obvious that some building companies have bitten off more than they can chew and cannot fulfil their duties as to the costs, timeframes or builds promised to their home buyers. 

Learn some considerations before you renovate your existing home with a mortgage top-up or upgrade to a home that better meets your needs but has a larger mortgage.

Learn about each team member you’ll need on your property investment team and what part they play. Property investment is like a team sport. Your success or failure will largely depend on who’s on your team.


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If you're trying to get the maximum amount of home loan interest savings and are wanting some certainty around your mortgage repayments, you may be wanting to fix it. But how long should you fix it for? In this article, we’re going to give you four pro tips to help you figure out how long to fix your mortgage for so that you can get the maximum amount of savings on your mortgage repayments as possible, so that you can outsmart the bank when it comes to refixing your mortgage. Pro tip number four is going to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, so pay close attention to this one!

Many of us feel like there’s a lot more money going out of our accounts over the past two years than money going into it. That may leave you pondering whether you should open a high-interest savings account to get a good return on investment OR pay down your debts such as your mortgage, car loans etc. So that you don’t have to fret as much when interest rates rise. In this article, we’re going to demystify this decision for you, helping you decide what is the best decision for your financial situation.

How to Refinance Your Mortgage

If you’re looking to ditch your old bank, get lower mortgage repayments and possibly save hundreds of thousands of dollars in home loan interest but are wondering how to do it, then keep on reading. In this article, we’ll give you the 7 steps on how to refinance your mortgage so you can save the most time, stress and money when it comes to refinancing your mortgage.

Steep price increases are affecting many New Zealanders food budgets at the moment. Basic food items such as vegetable, milk and bread have risen as much as 22%. So how can I save big at the supermarket? This article will show you five different ways you can save around $50 to $200 each week on your grocery budget today and outsmart the supermarket marketing.