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Why You Need an Insurance Advisor

Protecting your assets is crucial if you want to build wealth without worrying that one day a major injury, illness or death will mean you have to start all over. That’s why having an insurance adviser on your side is priceless. Here are several benefits of using an insurance adviser. 

Tailored advice 

As a homeowner building wealth with property, your insurance needs are likely to be complex. Not only do you need to consider the various types of insurance homeowners should have, but you should also consider whether you need medical or business insurance.

Everyone’s financial and personal situation is different and requires different advice. Unlike going to an insurance provider directly, an insurance adviser will best match you with a policy from an array of insurance providers based on your financial and personal goals. 


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Save time 

Once an insurance adviser understands your financial and personal goals, they’ll use their expert knowledge of various insurance companies’ policies to make a recommendation. This eliminates weeks of shopping around yourself to compare premiums and policies, allowing you to spend time doing what you love. 

Advocate on your behalf 

If you’ve ever made a claim to an insurance company, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. Insurance advisers help you through the application and claims processes and go to bat for you in the event of a roadblock.  

Cut the confusion 

There’s only two times that most Kiwis ever think about the details of their insurance policy – when they apply and when they need to make a claim. It could be years in between these two points and it’s likely that you’ll forget all about it. But the details of your insurance policy is your insurance adviser’s bread and butter. When it’s time to make a claim, your insurance adviser will explain everything to make sure the process goes smoothly. 

Keep you up-to-date 

Annually your insurance adviser will review your insurance needs to make sure you aren’t paying for a policy you don’t need or that you don’t have new risk that isn’t covered. During the annual review process at Futurebound, your insurance needs are considered along with your mortgage, so when your financial situation changes, you’ll be prompted to update your insurances accordingly. 

If you want an insurance adviser who understands your needs as a homeowner building wealth with property, click here to request a quote from one of our partners. 

Keep in mind this article is providing general information and not advice.