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Your secret weapon to paying off a mortgage in 7-10 years, slashing up to $400,000 in mortgage interest, making millions investing in property and living an abundant lifestyle by leaps and bounds is HERE!

Fast Track Your Mortgage

Our financial coaching and education will teach you how to shave years off your mortgage and use the equity to make money. Use the influx of cash to finally start a business, give to a cause, retire a millionaire – achieve whichever dream is in your heart. 

Mortgage Debt Reduction

Looking to reduce your mortgage?

Most Kiwis know this simple fact: paying less interest to the bank means more money in your wallet. Our financial coaches will teach you how to shave years off your mortgage and use the equity you’ve freed up in your current house to continue to build wealth. After all, the path to building wealth should not be a secret. 

Short-term Debt Management

Wanting to better manage short-term debt?

To reach financial freedom you’ll need to pay off short-term debt as fast as possible. Using short-term debt to pay for expenses or depreciating assets is a financial trap, because it ties your money into paying interest when it could be used to invest for your future. Our team will review your financial situation and help you decide which strategy for paying off your short-term debt as fast as possible is right for you. 

Money Management

Looking to manage your money better?

Learn how to create financial health that will safeguard your future by better managing your money. Learn how to budget, get out of short-term debt, and put proper, attainable steps in place to ensure you reach your financial goals. We understand how hard budgeting can be for some people, which is why we offer a range of practical resources, educational guides and ongoing support to ensure you remain on track.

Home Buying Coaching

Needing some coaching on how to buy a house?

Buying your first property is exciting! But it’s also so stressful. After all, it’s the biggest purchase most people ever make, and is a huge asset that opens a lot of doors for building wealth. Like anything, there is a bit of an art to it – we have had many first home buyers who come to us after putting 10+ offers in on houses asking what they’re doing wrong. The team at Futurebound will not only point you in the right direction with our first home buying coaching, but we also aim to educate and empower you so you feel confident in your purchasing abilities.

Benefits of Using Futurebound

Gain Your Blueprint to Financial Freedom

We will help you identify what you want to achieve while you are working and into retirement, making sure that you are preparing for your future in the best way possible. Your financial plan will be your blueprint to financial freedom.  

Become Part of the Family

We take care of you as part of the family. Our advice has you and your family in mind. Your financial goals are what we strive to help you achieve. 

Stay On Track with Your Financial Plan

You not only get advice that best suits your situation today. Every year we will be in touch with you to see how things are going & make sure that your plan is still in line with your needs then and into the future.  


Fast Track Your Mortgage NOW

Looking to take the first step towards minimising debt, 

creating awesome money habits, and building a 

better financial future?


“Don’t leave your financial freedom to chance, Jeff is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about helping build a better future. Highly recommend Jeff and the team if you have a property and are looking to increase your wealth by looking at buying an investment property. With Jeff’s help it is easier than you may think!”




“He arranged loan approvals from multiple banks with best interest rateJeff was very helpful and supportive to us in buying our first home. He arranged loan approvals from multiple banks with best interest rates. Very patiently answered all my stupid questions and advised us on bank loan repayments and finance planning. This actually helped us a lot to get through the stressful times. I would definitely recommend to anyone wants to get into the market.”



“Jeff is a really nice and considerate guy who really has your best interests at heart. He’s helped shave off tens of thousands of dollars of interest repayments, as well as helped me understand and implement ways to cut my mortgage repayment timeframe by about two-thirds. Thanks, Jeff and the team!”