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First Home Buying Coaching

Buying your first property is exciting! But it’s also so stressful. After all, it’s the biggest purchase most people ever make, and is a huge asset that opens a lot of doors for building wealth. Like anything, there is a bit of an art to it – we have had many first home buyers who come to us after putting 10+ offers in on houses asking what they’re doing wrong.

The team at Futurebound will not only point you in the right direction with our first home-buying coaching, but we also aim to educate and empower you so you feel confident in your purchasing abilities.

We will coach you on:

Pros to using our First Home Buying Coaching service:

Save yourself time​

Save yourself money

Getting you into a house and onto the property ladder

How to Get Your First Mortgage

Free First Home Buyer Resources


“Don’t leave your financial freedom to chance, Jeff is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about helping build a better future. Highly recommend Jeff and the team if you have a property and are looking to increase your wealth by looking at buying an investment property. With Jeff’s help it is easier than you may think!”




“He arranged loan approvals from multiple banks with best interest rateJeff was very helpful and supportive to us in buying our first home. He arranged loan approvals from multiple banks with best interest rates. Very patiently answered all my stupid questions and advised us on bank loan repayments and finance planning. This actually helped us a lot to get through the stressful times. I would definitely recommend to anyone wants to get into the market.”



“Jeff is a really nice and considerate guy who really has your best interests at heart. He’s helped shave off tens of thousands of dollars of interest repayments, as well as helped me understand and implement ways to cut my mortgage repayment timeframe by about two-thirds. Thanks, Jeff and the team!”