Home Loans Explained


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Home Loans Explained Playlist

01 What is LVR?

In this video:

  • What LVR means
  • What LVR is acceptable
  • Restrictions for high LVR 
  • Benefits of high LVR

02 What are LEP or LEM fees?

In this video:

  • What LEP and LEP mean
  • When do you get an LEP or LEM
  • How LEP and LEM work
  • When you can remove an LEM

03 How to use KiwiSaver for a First Home

In this video:

  • Who can use KiwiSaver
  • Things you need to know
  • How to get an approval letter

04 What are short-term debt mistakes?

In this video:

  • Why you should avoid short-term debt
  • 3 short-term debt mistakes
  • An alternative to using short-term debt


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