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Short-Term Debt Management

Benefits of building wealth with no short-term debt:

Keeps the bank happy

Less stress for you

You'll save A LOT in interest costs

The risks of debt consolidation:

There can be extra fees and charges

It encourages more debt

It doesn't solve the root cause of the problem

Ways to Pay off Short-term Debt FAST

01 Pay off your debts FAST with a debt snowball

02 Pay off your debts FAST with a debt avalanche

A debt avalanche is a way to pay off your debts by paying extra on your loans one at a time, starting with the highest interest rate. This strategy requires some discipline, because it might take a while before you’ve paid off your first loan. The benefit of using a debt avalanche is it saves you the most money on interest payments. 

03 Get a debt consolidation loan and pay extra repayments

Debt consolidation might be the right fit for your financial situation, if you’re needing to get approved for a mortgage soon. It lumps multiple short-term debts into one loan with one repayment, usually at a lower interest rate than what you had been paying, which is more attractive to lenders than multiple loans. However, a debt consolidation is a loan to address a debt problem, which has its risks. 

Introducing our Leaps & Bounds Debt Crusher Guide.

Learn more about the three above strategies by downloading our Leaps & Bounds Debt Crusher Guide and get one step closer towards crushing your short-term debt.  

This guide explains our top three debt crushing strategies (debt snowball, debt avalanche and debt consolidation), helping you choose which strategy is right for your situation.  

The Leaps & Bounds Debt Crusher Guide also contains a planner to help you keep track of your debts and pay them down faster, ensuring you escape the shackles of short-term debt sooner. 

Benefits of Using a Financial Advisor

Builiding Your Wealth

At Futurebound, we believe that the path to building wealth shouldn’t be a secret. Our team offer expert advice and knowledge to help you begin to build wealth and become financially free 

Get organised

We offer various free, practical, educational resources so you’re able to put your financial plans into motion and stick to your goals. 

Ongoing Support


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