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Home and Contents Insurance

Protect your home from the worst that can happen with home and contents insurance. House insurance insures your property from adverse events such as fire, theft, or flood, while contents insurance protects your belongings. Home and contents insurance combines house insurance with contents insurance to ensure you get the best rate.   

Our insurance partner, Supersure will first discuss what policy package you would like to receive (basic or comprehensive) and then will present you with the best options from a range of trusted companies to ensure you’re getting the best coverage at the best price.

Home and Contents Insurance in More Detail

Home or house insurance covers most structures on your property – your house, garage and fences. Some insurers offer different types of policies with different levels of cover. Basic policies may only cover you for major adverse events such as fire, theft or flood.

Comprehensive policies may cover you for major adverse events and for accidental damage to your house caused by you or your family. Both types of policies cover your legal liability if you accidentally damage someone else’s property too.  

Contents insurance covers all things inside your house. You can set your premium based on what your furniture, clothing, personal and shared items etc. are valued at. Basic policies may only cover yourself and only cover your items’ present value instead of what you originally bought them for.

Comprehensive policies cover your family’s belongings as well and can include any family members in rest homes, boarding schools or halls of residence. Most comprehensive policies ensure that in the case of fire, flooding, theft or damage, your household items will be repaired or replaced no matter how old they are.

Benefits of using Supersure Insurance Brokers

Personalised Insurance Plans

The team at Supersure will have an initial chat with you about what you’re wanting covered, the amount, any high-value items such as art or pieces of jewellery that need to be insured individually, what policy inclusions are most important to you etc. so they can get the best cover, tailored to you.  

Great Insurance at the Lowest Price

Unlike going directly to an insurance company, an Insurance Broker gets pricing from several different companies and compares them to ensure you’re getting the best deal on the policy you want. 

Claim Assistance

Supersure understands how stressful it can be to make a claim, which is why they are on call to help you through the claims process when needed.

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