Property Pros

Get the right price with a real estate agent


How do you find the right real estate agent? On the third episode of Property Pros, Jacque Elias, Director & CEO of Futurebound, interviewed Sonia Tafilipepe of Dynamic Realty to find out. 


In this video: 

01:21 – What value real estate agents provide 

06:00 – How typical it is to find a real estate agent that works with buyers 

07:21 – How you would find a real estate agent who works with buyers 

08:55 – The differences between listing, selling and buyer’s agents 

11:30 – The costs involved 

13:25 – How people should shop around 

15:13 – Tips for buyers 

17:33 – Tips for sellers 

19:24 – Housing market status 

Take Sonia’s advice and get pre-approved before you go shopping for a house. 

About our guests

Sonia Tafilipepe

Director of Dynamic Realty

We think big, take act, and get results.

At Dynamic Realty, we have a strong belief that the calibre of agent you choose to sell your property will ultimately deliver you the highest possible sale price.

First and foremost, your agent needs to be authentic, composed and dedicated when working for you in the marketplace. It’s this combination of quality traits that help achieve an excellent sale result and underpins what we are all about. However, we don’t believe in simply talking about what we do. We put our ideas into action, and our accomplishments speak volumes.

Our management team and leaders are trained to the highest standard and instill this within all our agents. We are down to earth, direct, truly enthusiastic and incredibly passionate about selling your property. 

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