Property Pros

Protect your family and assets with the right insurance adviser.


Advice from insurance advisers is the secret to protecting your family and finances when life’s unexpected events pop up. In the 6th episode of Property Pros, Jacque Elias, Director & CEO of Futurebound, interviews Murray Thompson, Super Sure, to get the insurance tips that you need.

In this video:

00:42 – How insurance advisers fit into the property puzzle

04:35 – When is the best time to get insurance

05:28 – The costs of getting insurance

06:36 – Tips for first home buyers

08:40 – Tips for property investors

Apart from insurance, there’s still a lot of stuff that you must be aware of if you’re planning to get into your very first home purchase!


About our guests

Cheaper Insurance Solutions

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We will help you to identify the amount and insurance product that will best suit your family’s needs and budget.  There are lots of options and features.  Our advice is free and without obligation.  Talk to us now for your peace of mind.

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