Property Pros

Save $100,000s with the right mortgage broker


Advice from mortgage brokers is the secret to saving $100,000s on a mortgage. In the fourth episode of Property Pros, Jacque Elias, Director & CEO of Futurebound, interviews Jeff Elias, Founder/Specialist Financial Adviser, to get tips that you need to before you buy a house.

In this video:

00:48 – How mortgage brokers fit into the property puzzle

03:35 – The type of advice you can get

06:07 – How to find a mortgage broker who gives money-saving advice

08:00 – How much a mortgage broker costs

09:14 – Common mistakes home buyers should avoid

12:50 – Tips for first home buyers

15:10 – Tips for property investors

You’ll see exactly how much you can save with our plan. 

About our guests

Bound to Transform Futures

We do more because we care more – and we care more because we judge our success on the differences we can make in your life. Our timely and insightful advice around mortgages, insurance and financial planning will help you find the path to a prosperous future for those you love.

Our financial coaching will teach you how to shave years off your mortgage and use the equity to make money. Use the influx of cash to finally start a business, give to a cause, retire a millionaire – achieve whichever dream is on your heart.

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