Property Pros

Avoid getting caught in the bright line test with the right accountant.


Advice from accountants is the secret to having the right entity when you are investing in property. In the 5th episode of Property Pros, Jacque Elias, Director & CEO of Futurebound, interviews Simon Moor, Rival Accounting, to get tips that you need to BEFORE you start investing in property.

In this video:

00:42 – How accountants fit into the property puzzle

02:16 – When do people usually come to accountants

03:41 – How much does it typically cost to use an accountant

05:32 – How people find out if an accountant specializes in property investment

07:18 – Tips for property investors

About our guests

Empowering clients to achieve their goals

RIVAL Accounting takes a fresh approach to accounting, compliance and business strategy advice for small to medium business and individuals across a wide range of industries.

From compliance right through to identifying opportunities and strategies for your business that will help you stay ahead, as it’s not one size fits all to achieve success.

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