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Refixing Your Mortgage

When you come to the end of your home loan’s fixed interest rate period, you might want to consider refixing or refinancing your home loan at a more competitive rate. Don’t let your annual reviews cause you any stress. The team at Futurebound can take care of it for you. 

What is the difference between refinancing, refixing and restructuring my mortgage?

Refinancing your mortgage (aka remortgaging) is when you switch your home loan to a different bank. This decision is usually based on what another bank can offer you i.e. a better rate locked in for a longer-term, the ability to borrow more against your property etc. You can check out how much you could save by switching banks by using our mortgage repayments calculator.

Refixing your mortgage means you stay with the current bank lender your mortgage is with and make an agreement not to change the loan for a fixed amount of time. In return, the bank will fix the interest rate and repayments at a lower level.


Restructuring your mortgage can happen when you’re refinancing or when refixing your loans. First, we’ll review your current mortgage structure, and then suggest a new structure of the loans to make sure you’re paying the minimum interest on the loan and, in most cases, paying off the loan faster than the default number of years given by the bank. There are many different types of loan structures to consider. We can assist you in deciding what will be the best fit tailored to your personal circumstances.

Pros and Cons of Refixing Your Mortgage


The main advantage of a mortgage on a fixed rate is repayment certainty. For a set period, you’ll know exactly how much your repayments will be. This makes household budgeting a lot easier.  



The main disadvantage to refixing is you can’t opt out of your fixed term – unless you pay a break fee, which could negate any potential savings.

Refixing long-term means you’ll miss out on a better rate if banks lower their interest rates. 

The Process of Refixing





Keen to get Started?

Keen to get started on refixing your home loan? Book in a 15 minute Mortgage Advice Consult with us now. 

Benefits of Using Futurebound

Buying a home is the biggest purchase most Kiwis will ever have. The right advice and guidance can mean the difference of $100,000s.

We specialise in mortgages for wealth-building

Investment properties can be a great way to build your wealth and receive a passive income. Our team can show you how to use the equity in your current home to buy an investment property without using a cash deposit and how to structure your mortgages to ensure your get the best return on investment.

High approval rate

We are committed to getting you approved for the home loan you need. Obstacles don’t intimidate us!

Access to our Fast Track Your Mortgage Plan Lite*

All new lending over $300,000 receives access to our Fast Track Your Mortgage Plan Lite. This guide will help you pay off your mortgage up to three times as fast, saving you tens of thousands of dollars every year in interest costs. 

Stay on track towards financial freedom

Each year you’ll receive a comprehensive review of your mortgage including equity position, ability to buy your first or next investment property, insurance review and an update on your mortgage debt reduction plan. 


Winning with Property Blog

Wanting to learn more about property, ways to build wealth within property and everything in between?  


“Don’t leave your financial freedom to chance, Jeff is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about helping build a better future. Highly recommend Jeff and the team if you have a property and are looking to increase your wealth by looking at buying an investment property. With Jeff’s help it is easier than you may think!”




“He arranged loan approvals from multiple banks with best interest rateJeff was very helpful and supportive to us in buying our first home. He arranged loan approvals from multiple banks with best interest rates. Very patiently answered all my stupid questions and advised us on bank loan repayments and finance planning. This actually helped us a lot to get through the stressful times. I would definitely recommend to anyone wants to get into the market.”



“Jeff is a really nice and considerate guy who really has your best interests at heart. He’s helped shave off tens of thousands of dollars of interest repayments, as well as helped me understand and implement ways to cut my mortgage repayment timeframe by about two-thirds. Thanks, Jeff and the team!”