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Personal Insurance

Protect your family and financial future against unforeseen events such as illness, loss of income and death that can really set them back financially with personal insurance. Our insurance partners at Super Sure offer expert advice and insurance options that will meet your family’s needs and are tailored to your specific financial situation.   

Common Types of Personal Insurance

Life Insurance

The concept of life insurance is simple. Your insurance company pays out a lump sum of the amount you choose to whom you choose in the event you die or are terminally ill. Because it’s a lump sum payment, the tricky part is making sure you chose the right amount, so your loved ones don’t have to worry about how to pay for needed expenses during one of the hardest times of their life. But how will I know what the right sum will be? This is where an insurance adviser is worth their weight in gold and, thankfully, you won’t have to pay anything for our service. 


Income Protection Insurance

The single most important aspect of building wealth and reaching financial freedom is your income – it’s literally the biggest asset you have. That’s why it’s so important to have protection if you lost it due to serious injury or illness (temporarily or permanently). Income Protection Insurance gives you up to 75% of your income to live on until you recover your income or longer depending on your policy. We can assist you in how to reach a decision on income percentage based on you and your family’s cost of living.

Mortgage Protection Insurance
Mortgage Protection Insurance

Mortgage Protection Insurance

Mortgage protection insurance is exactly what it sounds like. In the unfortunate event of serious injury or major illness and you can’t work, your insurer will pay your mortgage repayments. You choose an amount (usually the amount of your repayments), a wait period (usually equal to how long you can go before your emergency fund runs out) and a payment period. We will ensure that we discuss the right amount, the right wait period and payment period that is suited to your circumstances. 

Landlord Protection Insurance

Landlord Protection Insurance

One key way to build your wealth in New Zealand is to invest in property. With a huge potential to multiply your wealth, however, comes a fair amount of risk. Landlord protection insurance protects you from financial losses related to your rental property including damage, loss of rental income, meth contamination and more.  

Landlord Protection Insurance

Benefits of using Supersure Insurance Brokers

Personalised Insurance Plans

The team at Supersure will have an initial chat with you about what you’re wanting covered, the amount, any high-value items such as art or pieces of jewellery that need to be insured individually, what policy inclusions are most important to you etc. so they can get the best cover, tailored to you.  

Great Insurance at the Lowest Price

Unlike going directly to an insurance company, an Insurance Broker gets pricing from several different companies and compares them to ensure you’re getting the best deal on the policy you want. 

Claim Assistance

Supersure understands how stressful it can be to make a claim, which is why they are on call to help you through the claims process when needed.

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“He arranged loan approvals from multiple banks with best interest rateJeff was very helpful and supportive to us in buying our first home. He arranged loan approvals from multiple banks with best interest rates. Very patiently answered all my stupid questions and advised us on bank loan repayments and finance planning. This actually helped us a lot to get through the stressful times. I would definitely recommend to anyone wants to get into the market.”



“Jeff is a really nice and considerate guy who really has your best interests at heart. He’s helped shave off tens of thousands of dollars of interest repayments, as well as helped me understand and implement ways to cut my mortgage repayment timeframe by about two-thirds. Thanks, Jeff and the team!”