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22-page Step-by-step Guide

You choose what’s best. You’ll get equipped with what the 3 debt crushing strategies are and how to choose the right one for you.

Proven strategies for fast results. Each strategy has been used by thousands in NZ to get debt free fast. Just follow the steps.

Good for any financial situation.  Whether you are in arrears or up-to-date, you’ll know what to do to get to freedom.

Get started today.  Everything you need to start today is in the guide.

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Get your questions answered. If you get stuck, no worries. Read the FAQs in the guide or ask the Facebook group.

Expert financial advisers are available to answer your individualised questions.

Share your wins. Celebrate each step of the way to stay motivated.


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Ease the pain of getting debt free. Use our weekly Debt Crusher Tips to take the sting out of getting debt free.

Debt free living made simple. Our weekly Debt Free Tricks takes the mystery out of how to use your own money for everything you do. Just follow the steps.

Stay motivated. Use our motivational quotes and testimonials to stick to your commitment to get debt free.